Web Browser Prank Site CrashSafari No Longer Working

Update: “Crashsafari is no longer working. Further development has been ceased. It was nice while it lasted. It looks like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and the other major search engines have updated their algorithm to block the browser crashing exploit.”


Did you know that CrashSafari can crash web browsers on your computer, mobile, and even gaming systems? Almost electronic device with a internet browser can be crashed. The website URL says it all. When you look at the CrashSafari URL. You can easily connect the dots and within seconds understand what would happen when you visit the link.


With the current name the way it is. There is alot of confusion to the capabilities of what the website accomplishes. One of the biggest misconceptions is that people think the site only works for Apple iOS devices using Safari. This is not the case because it also works on other web browsers as well. Due to the current name. When users use the prank link and it crashes their browser that is not Safari. There is often confusion to why it worked.


To clear the confusion once and for all. CrashSafari is officially rebranding to a new name. The new name is BrowserCrasher. A more user friendly brand that anyone can understand by simply looking at the URL. There is no doubt that anyone who sees this new name will understand what will happen when they visit the link. There is no difference between CrashSafari and BrowserCrasher besides the rebranded name. You can still use the website the same exact way.web browsers


What happens when you visit BrowserCrasher is the site will fill your browser in an infinite loop. The outcome is it will freeze and crash the host web browser. The easy way to stop it is to turn the device off and and on. There are no longterm effects from using BrowserCrasher. Its just a fun harmless prank that will annoy the person on the receiving end.

How To Use BrowserCrasher:
  1. Go to any URL Shortner website. (I personally use Goo.gl, they are owned by Google Inc.)
  2. Input “BrowserCrasher .com” into the website to create a new shortened link.
  3. Copy the new link.
  4. Share the link.

There are a number of fun ways you can use BrowserCrasher. You can send a shortened URL to friends. You can share it on social media. You can enjoy countless hours of entertainment knowing that you pranked your friends. The possibilities are endless to what you can do if you get a little creative.

Thank you all for the support. For right now I have moved onto my new venture this website, Make Blog where my goal is to teach people how to make their own blog from start to finish using WordPress.