Step 3 – Learning To Use Your Blog

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Now that the blog setup is done.

You are now one step closer to becoming a blogger.

The proceeding steps below will teach you how to effectively use your blog.


Whenever you want to login to your blog. All you need to do is is type in your internet browser Replace the “YOUR-WEBSITE-HERE” with the name of your domain name.

Now using the username and password that you created in the last step sign into your blog.

After you are sign in your blog you will notice you have a left side bar with a ton of different options. Any modifications you want to make to you blog can be made through the functions on the left. Below I will walk you through each function.


Writing a post on WordPress is like writing is similar to using Microsoft Word. If you know how to use Microsoft Word you can use WordPress. Even if you don’t know how to use Microsoft Word it is very easy to learn. Just write your post, give it a title, and press publish. It is important to note that you can even write all your post in one day and schedule it to automatically be published on a later date.


Navigate your way through “Media” > “Add New”. From here you can drag and drop your pictures from your desktop to the box on your website.

To make changes to your pictures, go to the library option of the media tab.


To create a new page, navigate to “Pages” > “Add New”. Pages are pretty much like post. Generally, you will use this option for setting up a static page that doesn’t regularly become changed. Like a about me page, contact page, privacy policy page, and etc.


When people post comments to your blog post this is where they will show up. You can edit, approve, or delete them here.


To add a new theme, click on add new and drag and drop your theme. If you have a custom theme you can install it easily here with a few clicks. Or you can download one of the thousands of free themes from the predefined ones.


You can type and search across the thousands of great plugins available on WordPress. Plugins are used to make your blogging easier. From plugins for social media widgets to contact forms. There are plugins for almost everything you want to do to your blog. All you really need to do is search for something, install, and activate the plugin. Be careful though too many plugins can slow down your site.


If you have a team of writers this option is perfect for adding new users with certain restrictions.


To change the title of your blog. Navigate to “Settings” > “General”. Do not modify the WordPress Address, or Site Address.