Step 1 – Starting A Blog

Note: I have created over 30 blogs with most of the popular hosting providers. In my experience, Bluehost is the most reliable web hosting company and I endorse them on this site, which incorporates referral links.

The whole setup process should take about 15 minutes from beginning to end. By the end of this free guide you will have your own fully functional blog that you can share with the world.

Starting a blog can be surprisingly simple with the right guidance.

I hold your hand through the entire process. Everything is laid out in an extremely easy to understand format. That anyone can utilize to start their own blog. If you get stuck just know that I am always just one email away.

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The domain name of this website is Wherever you are in the world. If you type it into your internet browser you will be directed to this site.

Selecting a domain name is often the most overlooked part of blogging. A good name is what diversifies you from the other sites out there. I suggest selecting a name that you can one day turn into a brand.

A few quick tips for picking a memorable domain name is to keep it short, simple, and straight to the point. It would be best to avoid having numbers or slash’s (-) in your domain name because if not done correctly can look unprofessional.


The purpose of a web hosting company is to host your website on the internet. So that your readers can access your blog at any time from anywhere in the world. Think of your blog as an online store, that is open 24 hours a day. The web hosting company is the building and electricity while your blog is the business.

The only viable way to host a blog in a dependable manner is to pay a hosting company. They handle all the technical stuff while you worry about the blogging.

I recommend Bluehost because they have a 99% up time at a price point that is affordable for everyone. For the price of a cup of coffee each month you can get reliable web hosting.

Follow the next step for detailed instructions on how to register your domain name and setup your blog with your Bluehost.