Step 2 – Setting Up Your Blog

1. CLICK HERE to get a 50% discount for $3.95 per month with Bluehost.
Then tap on the “Get Started Now” button.

2. Select the web hosting plan that best suit your needs. If you are just starting out it makes sense to get the basic plan.

3. Type in the domain name that you want to register. Chances are if you are registering a dictionary word or popular phrase, the domain might be taken.

Use this to check for an available domain name:

4. Confirm your account information.

5. Select your web hosting package information. Although the extra add-ons are awesome, at this point we can get by without them (unless you really want the extra features).

6. Input your payment information, read/accept the terms, and click on “submit”.

7. A confirmation message will be sent to your email. Next click on “create your password”.

8. Choose your web hosting account password, read/accept the terms, then click on “next”.

9. When you see the congratulations page this means you have successfully setup your web hosting. Next login with your email and the password you just created.

10. When you see this page, scroll down.

When you see the “Website” section. Tap on “Install WordPress”.

11. Select the domain that you registered earlier and click “next”.

12. You can pick any Site Name or Title you want. Then input your email, and make up an admin username/password for your blog. Then click on “next”.

13. When you see the installation was successful page, this means you are done setting up your blog!

At this point you now have your domain name selected, web hosting paid, and blog successfully setup.

Now that your blog is live in the next step you are going to learn how to use it.