If you want to learn start your own blog from start to finish, you’re in the right place.

It should take you roughly 15 minutes and by the end of my six step guide you will have your blog up and running.

This is your chance to finally take action and make a stride towards something that could potentially turn into something great.


My name is John Van and I’m a software developer and blogger. I’ve helped countless people around the world start their first blogs. I have had my work featured on many of the biggest news and tech outlets on the web. I live North West of the United States and have been working online for years.

The web is my calling in life. I have been hooked on it since a young age and just happen to grow up in a time when the internet was just taking off. So I got in early and put in work while learning a lot of useful info in the process. I am now here to share with you all the knowledge that I gained from my years of expertise.


As a teenager, I learned to code and made my first site. (Lucky for you, these days you don’t need to know any programming to make a blog).

Over the next few years I would develop websites, mobile apps, and publish books. My website has been featured on NBC News, Gizmodo, PCMag, and more. I am now here with you. Ready to help you jump start your blogging career the best way I know how. Its better to learn from someone who has been there and accomplished what they are teaching. Then someone who hasn’t even done what they are trying to preach.


I created MakeBlog when I saw how many people online were struggling with blogging. With the plethora of resources available online, something that I always found troubling was finding useful information in the vast sea of information. The internet is filled with answers to your questions. However most of these answers are not in depth, and don’t walk you through the entire process. They barely scratch the surface of what you actually need. This website is the answer to this dilemma.

MakeBlog is a resource dedicated solely to blogging. Through this site I teach you everything there is to know about setting up your blog. The great thing about the internet is that all the information on this site is available for you to explore right now.

I’m ready to start my blog now-> Take me to the first step of the setup